Of the hundreds upon hundreds of rock shows that I have attended over the years, only a couple of dozen can be described as truly transcendent. And of those, when the band was new, the songs mostly unknown and when I had no pre-conceived notions of the artistry, only a rare few have mesmerized me from the ring of first note to the last sustain of the encore. A performance where after the cheering had died and the lights had come up, I stood enraptured, basking in the afterglow of a great artistic experience, floating in a sea of wondrous thought knowing that I had witnessed something transformative.
One such performance for me was by the Arcade Fire. This band from Montreal will soon release their third album, Suburbs. From that album, the song of the same name is the Song of the Day.

[jwplayer mediaid=”4244″]

“Suburbs” by Arcade Fire

Song of the Day

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