Beady Eye is Oasis without Noel Gallagher. After years of sibling battles, Noel, the main songwriter and talent of Oasis, finally left the band. Rock stars these boys are, with every brotherly conflict thoroughly reported and devoured by the English press, but Liam’s curmudgeonly behavior and boorish attitude had grown so stale over the years that even his brother couldn’t stomach him.

Discussed here in an earlier post, in the mid-90’s my radio station hosted a live broadcast of Oasis from the Orpheum Theatre in downtown Boston. Liam, true-to-form, was not only uncooperative and arrogant but also glaringly ignorant of what the broadcast entailed. Noel, ever the professional, even had to cover for his brother when Liam walked off the stage in some conjured snit fit during the encore.

That being said, Beady Eye does offer a fine straight-up rave-up rocker as their debut song. Wonderfully produced by Steve Lillywhite, “Bring the Light” is a free download and is the Song of the Day.

[jwplayer mediaid=”4438″]

“Bring the Light” by Beady Eye

Song of the Day

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