Laurie Anderson, performance artist and musician, always takes us on a journey to unexplored territories. Listening to her new album, Homeland, I am drawn back to her very 1st single. Most people consider it to be “O Superman (for Massenet)” released in 1981, the song that brought her popular recognition. Actually, her first recording was released in 1977, on The Holly Solomon Gallery label, ostensibly because it was part of an art show entitled Jukebox, an exhibit of photographs and text with songs by Anderson on a jukebox. The limited pressing of “It’s the Bullet That Kills You-Not the Hole”, was less than one hundred copies. As far as I know it has never been re-released or included on a compilation. This rare recording is today’s Song of the Day.


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“It’s Not the Bullet That Kills You-It’s the Hole”

Song of the Day

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