Hello Oedipus!
We just found out that you’ve played our song “Hearts & Bones” in your first podcast at Oedipus1.com! We are honoured and proud, and since it’s our first air time ever in the states (that we know of), also very happy!

We are not a big band, and we haven’t got our break even in Sweden yet, so the fact that you both found us and liked us, came as a bit of a shock. We are also a bit curious about how you found us, how come you stumbled over our music?

At last, if you’ve got any tips on how or where we could try to send our music to in the states, we’d be overwhelmingly happy (can you even say it like that?)!

We wish you the best with your site, and hope you’re able to find a minute to spare, for a tiny trio from Sweden.

All the best!
Greta & The One Night Stands

Greta & The One Night Stands


I received this wonderful letter from Sweden. This is one of the reasons that this site exists. Less than 10 years ago, to hear new artists from around the world, you would have to tune into my Sunday evening program, Nocturnal Emissions. I found these new music gems by hunting through the import bins at the local record store or by listening to the countless CDs, records and tapes that were mailed to the radio station. But due to the demands of commercial radio, programs of new music were relegated to off-night, late-night programming. Although new undiscovered music could be heard on low-powered college stations, the presentation was generally in lengthy multiple song set segments with the songs and artists laundry-listed at the end. And like all radio, it was appointment listening.

Fortunately this has all changed. Now we can listen on-demand–when we want and how often we want. Also, digital delivery has supplanted much of the difficulty in obtaining new music. This particular song came from MPE, a music delivery service available to music programmers. Yes, I still have to listen to hundreds of songs weekly to separate the wheat from the chaff, but the speed of the net allows more time for research and discovery and communication. The future of radio is on the net and only bandwidth limitations and digital copyright laws will inhibit its exponential growth. But the net has shrunk the world and Sweden is right next door.

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“Hearts & Bones” by Greta and the One Night Stands

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