Jonathan L enthralls us every week with new music. Plus this week a rare Frank Black demo!

Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)
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Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)
[jwplayer mediaid=”6140″]
*Blue October “The Worry List”
*Mariachi El Bronx “Love Sick”
*Kid Savant “Drop It On The Stereo”
*Favez “Like The Old Days”
*One Model Nation’s Elliot Barnes aka “Sebastian Schell” introduces
*One Model Nation “East Berlin”
*Nachtblut “Gedenket Der Toten”
Kasabian “Velociraptor” (replay)
*Buddy Holly “Slipin And Slidin” (Jaques Renault remix)

**Never ever heard rare 1997 demo for KROQ Los Angeles
of Frank Black (Pixies) with JL and one acoustic song live**

*Grand Duchy “Silver Boys” (Rolling Stone version)
*Buck Satin and the 666 Shooters “What’s Wrong With Me”
*Ryan T. Hope of Lifeline f/ Geno Lenardo “You Won’t See The Light”
Fernthal f/ LORE “Kings & Queens (A Sailors Melody)”
(Tony deKaro remix) (replay)
*Frogg “Shut Tha F**k Down”
Wideboy Generation “Looters”
*Foxy Shazam “Biggest Black Ass”
*Super Geek League “Naked Machine”
*First Aid Kit “The Lions Roar” (Full version)
*Astral Doors “The Day After Yesterday”
*Boris “Flare”
*Eisbrecher “Verruct” (Combichrist remix)
*Feritta “Karma”
*Downtown Mystic “Hard Enough”
*Delta Spirit “California”
*The Blue Van “Mama’s Boy”
*Soulicit “Hell Yeah”


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