Jonathan L, our Berlin connection.

Jonathan L

Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)
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Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)
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Ali Ingle “Tornado”(Liverpool, England)
Ummagma “Outside”(Kiev, Ukraine)
Rabbi Darkside “You And I And The Moon”(Brooklyn, N.Y.)
Ballerina Black “Microphones In The Mattress”(Los Angeles)
TopXY05 “My Lady”(Nigeria)
Sibille Attar “Julian! I Want To Be A Dancer”(Stockholm, SE)
Kascarade “Notebook”(Bradford, England)
Eldorado “Space Mambo”(Madrid, Spain)
Ming City Rockers “She’s A Wrong ‘Un”(Immingham, Eng.)
Skinner Box “Goldfish Memory”(Athens, Greece)
ME “Rock ‘N Roll Dandy”(Melbourne, AU)
Alex Lato “Black Magic”(London, England)
FraZic “I Go Do That “(Stuttgart, Germany)
Deeper Upper “Trapping In”(Lithuania)
Inouwee “One Hand One Heart”(Copenhagen, Denmark)
Eat Dr Ape “All I See Is Nothing”(Glasgow, Scotland)
G.L.A.S.S. “Der Erlkönig”(Germany)
Ka tet “Let My Lady”(Galway, Ireland)
Genna Marabese “The Birthday Party”(U.K.)
Say Knowledge “Kingdom Of…/ Heem”(San Francisco)
Amy Allen “Blurred Lines”(Portland, Maine)
Vintertur “Into This”(Copenhagen, Denmark)
Katalina Kicks “National Hero”(London, England)
Grass Green Eyes “Individuell”(Leipzig, Germany)
Scout Killers “Long Way Round”(Bristol, England)
Jon Byrne “Cigarette Song”(London, England)
Fler “Blaues Blut”(Berlin, Germany)
Little Brother Eli “Animal Fair”(Oxford, England)
Jane Woodman “Creature Smile”(San Francisco)
D.U.N.E. “Heavy Rain”(Bulgaria)
Camilla Sparksss “You Are Awesome”(Switzerland)


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