Jonathan L, only on Mondays here on The Oedipus Project from Berlin.


Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)
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Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)
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*Denotes first time song debuts on show

Midtfyns Efterskole “Try And Try” (Fyn, Denmark)
The Shy Lips “That’s Where I Belong” (Gothenburg, Sweden)
*Inouwee “Explode” (Dynatron remix) (Copenhagen)
*Movits! f/ Zacke) “Huvundvarken” (Sweden)
*Oh, Harry “He Is Not The One” (Gothenburg, Sweden)
Skatebård “Cosmos” (Norway)
*Swedish Egil (Groove Radio) Testamony
*Ronny Morris “So Young” (Malmo, Sweden)
*MØ “Maiden” (Odense, Denmark)
Deportees “Island And Shores” (Sweden)
*Mental Monky Ballet “Breaking The Law” (Stockholm)
*Greenleaf “Equators” (Borlange, Sweden)
*Within Temptation “Edge Of The World” (Orig.) (Finland)
Redrama f/ Aj Mclean “Clouds” (Helsinki, Finland)
*Vintertur “Beaches” (Copenhagen, Denmark)
*Tuomas Holopainen “The Last Sled” (Finand)
*The Great Dictators “Wine” (Copenhagen, Denmark)
*Kalandra “Onto The Fire” (Norway/Liverpool)
Endless Shame “The Reaper” (Sweden)
Waldemaar “Joko” (Malmo, Sweden)
The Blue Van “Wake The Tiger” (Bronderslev, Denmark)
Shout Out Louds “Glasgow” (Stockholm, Sweden)
Sibille Attar “Hotel Room” (Stockholm, Sweden)
The Villainy “Miss Golightly” (Gothenburg, Sweden)
I Break Horses “Denial” (Stockholm, Sweden)
Eliphant f/ Skrillex “Only Getting Younger” (Stockholm)
Keema “Bliss-O” (Copenhagen, Denmark)


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