Jonathan L begins our week anew with his musical ears.

Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)
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Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)
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*Little Barrie “Now We’re Nowhere”
*EMA “California” (Album version)
*Tremor Low “Like Birds”
*Make Out “You’re So Party Tonight”
*Laura Wilde “Sold My Soul”
*Amir Lev “She Tells Me Everything”
Rebelution “Sky Is The Limit” (replay)
*Eligh & Amplive f/ Grieves and Blake Hazard “Beautiful Addiction”
Fancy Space People “Pyramids (Shoot Golden Rays)”(replay)
*Ministry Of Love “A Promise Forever”
*Vlad In Tears “At The End Of The World”
*Inure “This Is The Life” (Aesthetic Perfection mix)
*Wiley f/Cashtastic and Tereza Delzz “I’m Only Human”
*Dana International and Eran Zur “A Different Kind Of Sex”
*Lillian Axe “Gather Up The Snow”
*Immortal Technique “Mark Of The Beast”
Blue October “The Worry List”(replay)
*Imaginary Cities “Say You”
*The Love Me Nots “Cheap Knockoff”
*Dr. Dog “Vampire”
*Source Victoria “When You Say (Congratulations)”
*Redwood “Pop That Gun”
Eve 6 “Victoria” (replay)
*Standing Shadows “Struggle Of Our Lives”
*Imagine Dragons “It’s Time”
*Velvet Box “I’m Ugly ‘Cause You’re So Beautiful”
*The Beauty Of Gemina “Golden Age”
Rammstein “Rammlied” (2009 Kevin Townsend mix)


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