Jonathan L, an international perspective.


Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)
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Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)
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*Rob Decoup “Anastasia (I Want Your Soul)” (Austria)
*Morrissey “World Peace Is None Of Your Business” (U.K.)
*Carnival Star “What Difference Does It Make” (Inverness)
*Wumpscut “Wreath Of Barbs” (Instinct..mix) (Bavaria)
*Milagres “The Black Table” (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
*Warshow Angels f/ S. Yaffa “This Is Not A(Hit Song)(N.Y.C.)
*The Hertz Complex “Bassy” (London)
*Kate Tempest “Lonely Daze” (South East London)
*Two Tone & guests “Señorita” (Dubai)
*Cazzete “Sleepless” (Stockholm, Sweden)
*The Watchmakers “Illumination” (Manchester, U.K.)
*Xandria “Until The End” (Bielefeld, Germany)
*Only Real “Punks And Potions” (West London)
*The Flavr Blue “Surrender” (Seattle)
*The Sons “I’m Not Happy” (United Kingdom)
*The Howls “No Man” (Los Angeles)
*The Last Vinci “Free From Yourself” (Italy)
*Röyksoop & Robyn “Do It Again” (Norway)
*Villiers “Shadows” (Lancashire, U.K.)
*Tree Dwellers “Come Up And See” (Manchester, U.K.)
*The Phantoms “Stop” (W. Lothian, Scotland)
pGarage “Kick The Ball (Trip To Brazil)” replay (Berlin)
*Band Of Holy Joy “When A Gift Is A Curse” (London)
*Broken Chords “Stray Cats” (London)
*The Aikiu f/JD Sampson “Win” (Paris, France)
*Postcards From Jeff “Veronica” (Manchester U.K.)
*Epica “Canvas Of Life” (The Netherlands)
*Kajak “Gold Crowned Eagle” (Iceland)


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