Jonathan L’s weekly broadcast celebrating in Germany.


Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)
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Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)
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*The Talks “Radio” (Hull, U.K.)
*Teleman “23 Floors Up” (London)
New Model Army “Horsemen” (Bradford, England)
*Janelle Monáe “Heroes” (Bowie cover) (Kansas City)
*Warshow Angels “Sexy TV Trash” (New York City)
*Clairy Brown & The Bangin’…”Jenny” (Australia)
*The Hertz Complex “Maybe I Know” (London)
*Ali Ingle “A Life Unlike Yours” (Liverpool)
*Camcorder “Love Blisters” (North Hollywood)
*The Acid “Fame” (Factory Floor remix) (U.K.)
*Rob Decoup “Don’t Take My Gun” (Austria)
*Die Apokalyptischen Reiter “Die Zeit” (Germany)
*Jubilee Courts “City Flow” (Northampton, England)
*Babes “Isn’t It Love” (Los Angeles)
*Katalina Kicks “Search And Destroy” (Stooges) London)
*Fate Of The Galaxies “Muse In My Eyes” (Phoenix)
*Temple Velocity “Alice” (London)
*Jekyll “I Do What I Can” (Blackpool, England)
*Amy Lynn & The Gunshow “Remember…(N.Y.C.)
*The GOASST “Last Call” (Sean Lennon) (N.Y.C.)
*Xandria “Our Neverworld” (Beilefeld, Germany)
*Haunted Hearts “Initiate Me” (Wherever)
*The Black Angels “An Occurrence at 4507…” (Austin)
*Calling All Astronauts “Hands Up Who Wants” (London)
*Yann Tiersen “Steinn” (France)
*Ugly Buggs “Summertime” (Jay Aston) (London/L.A.)
*The Shy Lips “She Was Born In Bahia” (Gothenburg, SE)
*Desert Noises “Out Of My Head” (Provo, Utah)
JOAN JETT SONG OF WEEK: “Don’t Surrender”
*The Black Lips “Smiling” (Atlanta, Georgia)


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