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Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)
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Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)
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*Denotes first time song debuts on show

*KMFDM “Genau” (Germany)
*Amason “Duvan” (Sweden)
*Rob Decoup “Sleeping Slave” (Vienna, Austria)
*Mechanimal “Ode To Europe” (Athens, Greece)
*Tiz McNamara “Hold On” (Cork, Ireland)
*Johnny Marr “Back In The Box” (Manchester)
*The Talks f/ Itch “Ceasefire” (Hull, U.K.)
*Sister Sin “Chaos Royale” (Gothenburg, Sweden)
*Allusondrugs “I Should Have Gone To Uni” (W.Yorkshire)
Rob Dickinson “Handsome” (2005) (Norwich, U.K.)
*The Legal Matters “It’s Not What I Say” (Detroit, MI)
*Elliphant “Save The Grey” (Stockholm, Sweden)
*Bubblegum Screw “Second Class Citizen” (London)
*Go Wolf “Talk To You” (Northern, Ireland)
*Sallie Ford “Workin’ The Job” (Portland, OR)
*Blackstage “Talk To You” (Hannover, Germany)
*Low Roar “Phantoms” (Reykjavik, Iceland)
*Wolf Gang “Lay Your Love Down” (London)
*The Love Me Nots “You Gotta Go” (Scottsdale, AZ)
*The Presets “No Fun” (Sydney, Australia)
*Watchtower “You Don’t Have To Say Goodbye”(Liverpool)
*Leanne Kingwell “Choking On Halos” (Melbourne, AU)
*High Ends “Intoxicated” (Canada)
*The Call f/ Robert Been “Modern Romans” (L.A.)
*Jaws “Think Too Much…” (Birmingham, U.K.)
*Ummagma “Kiev”(Auxilliary…Mix) (Ukraine/Canada)
*Chris P. Cauley “Sometimes” (Long Island)
*Zebras “Try” (Australia)


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