Jonathan L in the new year.


Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)
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Lopsided world of L (Hour 2)
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Volbeat “Lola Montez” (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Girl In A Coma “Joanie In The City” (San Antonio, TX)
Ash “Jack Names The Planet” (County Down, N. Ireland)
James “Honest Joe” (Manchester, England)
Joachim Witt “Gloria” (Hamburg, Germany)
Gibby Haynes “Paul’s Not Home” (Dallas, TX)
Clan Of Xymox “Is Vic There?” (Leipzig /Berlin)
Alkaline Trio “Dorothy” (Chicago, Illinois)
HIM “Katherine Wheel” (Helsinki, Finland)
The Ramones “Judy Is A Punk” (N.Y.C.)
Flight Of The Conchords “Carol Brown” (New Zealand)
Vlad In Tears ” Mary” (Berlin, Germany)
Mother Love Bone “Mr. Danny Boy” (Seattle)
Temple Velocity “Alice” (London, England)
Bruise “Jennifer” (United Kingdom)
Junior Prom “Sheila Put The Knife Down” (N.Y.C.)
Citizens! “Caroline” (London, England)
The Cult “Edie (Ciao Baby)” (Bradford, England)
The Grants “Isabella” (London, England)
Bogan Via “Manny” (Phoenix, Arizona)
Johnette Napolitano “My Diane” (Joshua Tree, CA)
Alex Winston “Sweet James” (N.Y.C.)
Bob Wayne “Lyza” (Seattle/Nashville)
Everybody Was In The French…”Hey! It’s Jimmy…(L.A.)
Drifting Sand “Surfin’ With Britney” (San Mateo, CA)
Rob Decoup “Amastasia (I Want Your Soul)”(Vienna/ N.Y.)
David Bowie “Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime)” (London)
Clan Of Xymox “Emily” (Leipzig /Berlin)
James Stevenson “Suzi’s Got A Problem” (London)


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