Jonathan L calling from Berlin.


Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)
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Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)
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*denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*Loose Caboose “Sarsons Lane” (Southampton U.K.)
*Paul McCartney “Hope For The Future” (Beatsession mix)
*Wilhelm Tell Me “The Cool Kids” (Hamburg, Germany)
*Robert Lauri “In The Dark” (Paris, France)
*Filter Distortion “Frequency Modulation” (Liverpool)
*All Skate “Ride” (New York City)
*Jennifer Davies “Disconnected” (Liverpool)
*Erasure “Smoke And Mirrors” (London)
*Brine “The Night Before It Happened” (Gothenburg)
*Los Trasgos Muertos “Roll With The Punches”(Manchester)
*Deluka “Home” (Birmingham, U.K.)
*Electric 6 “Worst Movie Ever” (Detroit)
*The Cardboard Crowns “Hats Off” (Quebec)
*Ruthie Collins “Ramblin’ Man” (Nashville)
*Information Society “Where Were You” (Minneapolis)
*Emigrate f/ Jonathan Davis/Korn “Silent So Long” (Berlin)
*Miss Rabbit “My World” (Live version) (Switzerland)
*Martin McNeil & The Dissidents “Silvermoon” (London)
*The Talks f/ Dr. Ring Ding “Sam” (Hull, U.K.)
*2:54 “Pyro” (London)
*Steel Trees “Loggerhead” (Sheffield, U.K.)
*In Dynamics “Waking Life” (Brighton, England)
*Scout Killers “Long Way Around” (Bath, England)
*Aurora “Under The Stars” (Bergen, Norway)
+ The Real Tuesday Weld “The Day Before You Came” (London)
*PJJP “By My Side” (Paris / Portland)

**3 shades of JOAN JETT**
“Naked”- “Machismo”- “Different”


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