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Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)
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Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)
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*Fizzy Blood “Black Sheep” (Leeds, England)
*Till Lindemann “Praise Abort” (Berlin, Germany)
*Ballerina Black “Blue-ish Grey” (Los Angeles)
*Gwenno “Fratolish Hiang Perpeshki” (Cardiff, Wales)
*Pop Etc “Bad Break” (CA/NY)
*Boxed In “Mystery” (London)
*Void “For The Soul” (Wales)
*Turbowolf “Rabbits Foot” (Bristol, England)
*Secret Club “Secret Club” (Nashville)
*Bourbon Street Beat “Crossing On A Bend” (Manchester)
*Van Wolfen “Freitag” (Hamburg, Germany)
*J.EyE “My Religion” (Brooklyn, New York)
*Adler “Blown Away” (Hollywood, CA)
*Abel Raise The Cain “Black Swans” (N.E., England)
*The Winachi Tribe “Plant The Seed” (Warrington, U.K.)
*The Vincent(s) “Opium Den Song” (Cork, Ireland)
*Symphony X “Without You” (New Jersey)
*Leanne Kingwell “Running At Headlights” (Melbourne, AU)
+The Cult “Amnesia” (2012) (Bradford, England)
*The Chikitas “Meet Your Trouble” (Geneva, Switzerland)
+Rammstein “Donaukinder” (2009) Berlin, Germany)
+Feeling B “Grün & Blau” (1993) Berlin, Germany)
*Till Lindemann “Fat” (Berlin, Germany) (in English)
*Till Lindemann “Fish On” (Berlin, Germany) (In English)
*Collisions “Masses” (Italy)
*Helena Johnson “Goldfinger” (Liverpool)
*Daybehavior “Change” (Stockholm, Sweden)
*Lonely Robot “Are We Copies” (Derby, Nottingham, U.K.)


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