Jonathan L, award-winning International DJ.


Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)
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Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)
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*denotes first time song airs on show

*Matilde Davoli “Realize” (London)
*Etienne de Crécy “Smile” (Paris, France)
*The Church “Globe Spinning” (Sydney, Australia)
+Robert Smith “There’s A Girl In The Corner” (Blackpool)
*Sinéad O’Connor “The Foggy Dew” (Dublin, Ireland)
*Public Service Broadcasting “The Other Side” (London)
*Sasha Beek f/Charlotte A. “If I Ask You” (Bielfeld, Germany)
*Downers “Graze” (North West, U.K.)
*The Jackals “Two Heads (Scotland)
*The Sunjays “Beach Trip” (Hamburg, Germany)
*Trapdoor Social “Fine On My Own” (Los Angeles)
*Ilana J “England” (Birmingham, England)
*Damien J Brennen “Blood & Roses” (Ireland)
*Monster Jaw “Summer Girl” (Leeds, England)
*New Order “Restless” (Album Ver.) (Manchester, England)
+Skellums “The Anevue” (Liverpool, England)
*Farao “Bodies” (London/Berlin)
*Ford f/ Andrew Mott “The Master” (Stratford Upon A)
*Juno Reactor “Final Frontier” (remix) (Brighton, England)
*The Train Set “Sink Or Swim” (United Kingdom)
*Ilan Eshkeri/Tim Wheeler “Feels Like Summer” (London)
*Tunde Olaniran f/Invincible “Don’t Cry” (Detroit/Nigeria)
*Veruca Salt “Love You Less” (Los Angeles)
*Bill Shakes “Skool” (Klangschwester Grrrrly mix) (U.K.)
*The Prodigy f/Flux Pavillion “Rhythm Bomb” (Essex)
*Sasha Siem “Seamy-Side” (London)
*Antigone Rising “The Last Time” (New York City)
JOAN JETT SONG OF WEEK: “Ridin’ With James Dean”
*Crook “Captain” (currently based in Berlin/ Ireland)


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