Jonathan L broadcasting from Berlin every Monday.


Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)
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Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)
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*denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*Counting Coins “Don’t Look Down” (Hull, U.K.)
*The Small Society “One Step Back” (Guilford, England)
*Bob Forrest “Sammy Hagar Weekend” (Los Angeles)
*Ilona “Love Is Stupid” (London)
*Mew “Witness” (Denmark)
*Starr Blazerz “Found That Soul” (North America)
+IAMX “Happiness” (Berlin /Los Angeles)
*Nishe “Lose Control” (London)
*The Chadelics “I.C.U.” (Cumbria, U.K.)
*Ash “Moondust” (County Down, Ireland)
*Aucan “Disto” (Italy)
*Rew Starr “Alot Of Mistakes” (New York City)
*Chàrlee M. “Live my Dream” (Remix) Beilefeld, (Germany)
*K-OS “Hussle & Flow” (Toronto)
+The Sunjays “Slow Speed” (Hamburg, Germany)
*The Black Queen “Ice To Never” (Los Angeles)
*Foals “Night Swimmers” (Oxford, England)
*The Little Unsaid “Can We Hear It?” (West Yorkshire)
*Saint Cole “Within This Skin” (Leeds)
*The Train Set “Hold On” (United Kingdom)
*Monks Of Mellonwah “Even When It Burns” (RX)(Australia)
*Telekinesis “Courtesy Phone” (Seattle)
*The Sunday Reeds “Pretty People” (Melbourne, AU)
*Allusondrugs “Her Crown” (West Yorkshire)
*GEMS “Living As A Ghost” (Washington, DC)
*Crown Jlwz “California King” (Los Angeles)
+Chaos Rising “Weine Nicht” (Moscow, Russia)
*Niamh Crowther “Little By Little” (Ireland)
JOAN JETT SONG OF WEEK: “A Hundred Feet Away”
*Tom Cunningham “Frank Sinatra Mode” (Berlin, Germany)


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