Jonathan L is Monday strong.


Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)
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Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)
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Kosoti “Gone Too Far” (Newcastle, England)
Ruthie Collins “Ramblin’ Man” (Nashville)
Skellums “The Avenue” (Liverpool)
Ballerina Black “Blue-ish Grey” (Los Angeles)
FFS “The Power Couple” (Glasgow/Los Angeles)
Daybehavior “Cambiare” (Stockholm, Sweden)
Space “Strange World” (Liverpool)
Void “Not The One” (Wales)
Jodz “Waiting (Till Then)” (Manchester, England)
Rew Starr “A lot Of Mistakes” (N.Y.C.)
The Winachi Tribe “Time For Love” (Warrington, U.K.)
Ilona “Beautiful Country” (London)
Boris Carloff “Cos You Know” (Czech Republic)
Shooze “Trouble In London” (Redditch, U.K.)
Ali Ingle “Hey Kid” (London/Liverpool)
Little Brother Eli “Dreams” (Oxford, England)
The Plastic Pals “Timing Is Everything” (Stockholm)
The Shy Lips “Bahia Part 2” (Gothenburg, Sweden)
Postcards From Jeff “Suburban Girl” (Manchester)
Filter Distortion “Frequency Modulation” (Liverpool)
Robert Lauri “In The Dark” (Paris, France)
The Small Society “Political Songs…” (Guildford, U.K.)
Milton Star “Things Fall Apart” (Fife, Scotland)
Deeper Upper “Stoneworks” (Lithuania)
Showstar “The Trouble Is” (Belgium)
So-Star f/Que Da Wiz “Koko” (Manchester)
Gang Of Four f/ H.Gronemeyer “The Dying Rays” (London)
The Sunjays “Slow Speed” (Hamburg, Germany)
Juno Reactor “Zombie” (GMS remix) (London)


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