Jonathan L returns.


Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)
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Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)
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*denotes first time song airs on show

*Louis Berry “.45” (Liverpool)
*SN Dub Station “Yesterday” (Swindon, U.K.)
RAMMSTEIN SONG OF WEEK: “Moscow” f/ tA.T.u (live)
*Spookyland “Big Head” (Sydney, Australia)
*The Rainband “One Man Down” (Manchester)
*Sykoya “Shiver” (London)
+Punx Harmonic “Immaterial” (New Jersey)
*Beyond The Wizards Sleeve “Diagram Girl” (London)
*Queen Of Darts “Can You Get Enough” (Adelaide, AU)
*Some Velvet Morning “Damocles” (North London)
*Tamara Bubble “I’m A Republican But” (Brooklyn)
*Tamara Bubble “Homework” (Brooklyn)
*Calling All Astronauts “Time To Fight Back” (London)
*Franco & The Dreadnought “Who Cares” (Manchester)
*Teleman “Düsseldorf” (London)
*Lola Dutronic “Modern Suicide” (Toronto/Germany)
*A.R. Kane “A Love From Outer Space” (London)
*My Cruel Goro “Loverdose” (Iceland /Italy)
*The Last Shadow Puppets “Miracle Alinger” (Sheffield)
*The Heavy “Mean Ol’ Man” (Bath, U.K.)
*Wolfie “New Horizons” (New South Wales, AU)
*Cj Hooper “Life Feels Good” (Sydney, Australia)
*Jean-Michel Jarre f/Peaches “What You Want” (France)
*Klangschwester “You Came” (Germany)
*Mickey 9’s “Icarus” (Glasgow, Scotland)
*Niamh Crowther “I’ll Be” (Ireland)
*Treat “Ghost Of Graceland” (Sweden)
*DJDS “Tell Me Why” (Los Angeles)
*The High Learys “Cabinet” (Perth, Australia)
*NonHuman Era “Continuum” (Montreal, Canada)


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