Mondays are Jonathan L from Berlin.

Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)
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Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)
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*Eyes Lips Eyes “Don’t Blow It”,
*The Wallflowers f/ Mick Jones “Reboot The Mission”,
*Vlad In Tears “Damnation”, *8MM “You Brought The Fire”,
*Fozzy “A Passed Life”,
*Aesop Rock “Crows 1”,
JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK “Everyday People” (Dance Mix),
*Abandoned Pools “Sublime Currency”,
*Redd Kross “Researching The Blues”,
*Dark Time Sunshine “Rock Off”,
*Reel Big Fish “The Promise”,
*Reverand Peyton’s Big Damn Band “Between The Ditches”,
*Kin “Queen”,
*Bear In Heaven “The Reflection Of You”,
*Riff Raff “Miracle Man”,
*The Whigs “Waiting”,
*St. Madness “All I Have To Give”,
*Robert Francis “Heroin Lovers”,
*The Rainbird Band “Tiger Dream”,
*Ben Folds Five “Do It Anyway”,
*Greg Laswell f/ Sia “Dragging You Around”,
*Serj Tankian “Reality TV”,
*Tony deKaro “Elements”,
*The Raveonettes “She Owns The Streets”,
*Heimataerde “Pilgerlied”,
*Sea Wolf “Old Friend


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