I’ve always been fascinated by Courtney Love. One of the more dynamic characters in rock, her personality is so strong and convoluted that she is polarizing to the extreme. My conversations with her have always been freeform, scattered, disturbing, amusing and thought-provoking. You never know when she might call or what she is thinking. But it’s Courtney’s world and you go along for the wild ride. Prominent women connected to male rock stars frequently get a bad rap. Courtney one of the prime examples. But we must never lose sight of the fact that Kurt loved her. Hole’s new album, Nobody’s Daughter, comes out next week. We featured the first single, “Skinny Little Bitch” when it was a free download in early March. Here is another track for the album, a side of Courtney that you may not be aware of. Very personal and mature with a hint of melancholy, what a long hard road it’s been. “Pacific Coast Highway” is the Song of the Day.


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“Pacific Coast Highway” by Hole

Song of the Day

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