The Oedipus Project is pleased to welcome a new show to our website: Lopsided World of L.

Hosted by old friend Jonathan L, we will turn his weekly radio show into a two-hour podcast.

Jonathan L is a legendary Arizona radio personality who has consistently been on the forefront of new music. He has interviewed countless punk, alternative, and indie artists, programmed a number of radio stations, hosted influential radio shows, presented alternative rock festivals and has written extensively on the music that he so loves.
He currently lives in Berlin and brings an international flavor to his broadcasts.

Jonathan L can be reached through his website or @:

Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)
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Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)
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*Wugazi “Killa Hill”
*Aesthetic Perfection “DAF”
*Nous Non Plus “All I Want”
*Voodoo Swing “Blue As A Jailhouse Tattoo”
Cosmo Jarvis “Is The The World Strange”
*Iced Earth “Dark City”
*Fernthal “Make It Bigger”
*Hello Echo “Why Are We Waiting” (interlude)
*Hello Echo “The Coming Days”
*Theophilus London “One Last Time”
*Elf f/Ronnie James Dio “Buckingham Blues”
*Miracle Flair “Marvellously Depressed”
San Sebastian “Baby”
*Kasabian “I Hear Voices”
*Dessa “The Crow”
Queensryche “Retail Therapy”
The Plasmatics “Sex Junkie” (1981)
*Hunters “Deadbeat”
*Angelsplit “Cubicle”
*Nachtblut “Kreuzritter”
*Oberhofer “Gotta Go”
Tom Waits “Hell Broke Luce”
*IsIs “So Long”
*Paley & Francis “Magic Cup”
*Phantogram “Don’t Move”
*MELT “Full Of (Sh*)t”
*Chezelle “You Got A Little Piece Of My Heart”
Kooks “F**k The World Off”
*Visions Of Atlantis “Change Of Tides”
The R’s “New Gear, New Feel”


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