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Lopsided World of L

The man from Berlin (via Arizona and beyond) Jonathan L.

Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)
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Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)
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*The Blue Van “An Eagle Dropping An Elephant”
*The Blue Van “Gospel Of Dust”
*Clutch “Earth Rocker”
*Boogie Company “Elvis”
*Joachim Witt “Shut The F**k Up”
*Mother Mother “Let’s Fall In Love”
*Vomito Negro “Emerging Souls”
*Nous Non Plus “Pasolini”
*Deportees “The Wild In Me”
*Tonya Watts “Lonesome Bend Road”
*A$AP Rocky f/ Santigold “Hell”
*Heimataerde “Keine Helden”
*Matt Pond “Love To Get Used”
*Chickenfoot “Something Gone Wrong” (Live version)
*Peter Peter “Beaute Baroque”
*Keema “Embrace”
*Critical Cirkus “Deceiver”
*The Sexual Side Effects “I’m In Love With A Girl (But She Used To Be A Man)”
*Alpha Tiger “We Came From The Gutter”
*Tony deKaro “Eternal Warrior” (Remix)
*Preacher And The Kings “Uncle Remus”
*Pillowfight f/ Emily Wells “Redemption”
*Rich Mahan f/ Bekka Bramlett “Favorite Shirt”
*Roots Manuva “Banana Skank” (Wafa Remix)
*Helloween “Asshole”
*Coheed And Cambria “Dark Side Of Me” (Alternate mix)
*The Bronx “Youth Wasted”

Jonathan L

The Oedipus Project is pleased to welcome a new show to our website: Lopsided World of L.

Hosted by old friend Jonathan L, we will turn his weekly radio show into a two-hour podcast.

Jonathan L is a legendary Arizona radio personality who has consistently been on the forefront of new music. He has interviewed countless punk, alternative, and indie artists, programmed a number of radio stations, hosted influential radio shows, presented alternative rock festivals and has written extensively on the music that he so loves.
He currently lives in Berlin and brings an international flavor to his broadcasts.

Jonathan L can be reached through his website or @:

Lopsided World of L (Hour 1)
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Lopsided World of L (Hour 2)
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*Wugazi “Killa Hill”
*Aesthetic Perfection “DAF”
*Nous Non Plus “All I Want”
*Voodoo Swing “Blue As A Jailhouse Tattoo”
Cosmo Jarvis “Is The The World Strange”
*Iced Earth “Dark City”
*Fernthal “Make It Bigger”
*Hello Echo “Why Are We Waiting” (interlude)
*Hello Echo “The Coming Days”
*Theophilus London “One Last Time”
*Elf f/Ronnie James Dio “Buckingham Blues”
*Miracle Flair “Marvellously Depressed”
San Sebastian “Baby”
*Kasabian “I Hear Voices”
*Dessa “The Crow”
Queensryche “Retail Therapy”
The Plasmatics “Sex Junkie” (1981)
*Hunters “Deadbeat”
*Angelsplit “Cubicle”
*Nachtblut “Kreuzritter”
*Oberhofer “Gotta Go”
Tom Waits “Hell Broke Luce”
*IsIs “So Long”
*Paley & Francis “Magic Cup”
*Phantogram “Don’t Move”
*MELT “Full Of (Sh*)t”
*Chezelle “You Got A Little Piece Of My Heart”
Kooks “F**k The World Off”
*Visions Of Atlantis “Change Of Tides”
The R’s “New Gear, New Feel”

Bright Eyes and Sound Strike

The artist boycott of Arizona continues. I have written about it here in the past (refer to the June 1st post) and the list of Sound Strike artists has grown dramatically: those who refuse to aid Arizona economically in light of the passage of the egregious immigration law SB1070.

Money is being raised for the Sound Strike Fund which “donates needed resources to families caring for children in Arizona whose parents are detained or have been deported, immigrant rights organizing and legal defense”. Sound Strike Songs directly benefits this Fund. And the first Sound Strike Song is from Conor Oberst and Bright Eyes.

In an open letter to artists Conor says: “American ideals of democracy and liberty are built on the foundation that all people, regardless of race or country of origin, deserve fair and equal treatment by the government . . . We’ve all seen the power music has to spread messages of solidarity and hope. Please join the Sound Strike Songs project by donating a track and help us . . . enable people to continue to dream.”

This exclusive moving Sound Strike Song “Coyote Song” from Bright Eyes is a $2.00 download. Below is the video.

Support The Sound Strike. Sign the petition. Download the song. Boycott Arizona!

Exclusive Song for The Sound Strike “Coyote Song” by Bright Eyes. from Producciones Cimarrón on Vimeo.

Public Enemy

In keeping with yesterday’s post of supporting The Sound Strike and the Boycott of Arizona, we feature Public Enemy’s song from 1991, expressing their outrage that Arizona would not recognize the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. Apropos today as Arizona continues to deny civil rights to all people. “By the Time I Get to Arizona” is the Song of the Day.

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“By the Time I Get to Arizona” by Public Enemy

Boycott Arizona

Boycott Arizona. Zack de la Rocha of Rage Against the Machine has organized The Sound Strike and I urge you to join. It’s a coalition of artists and friends who refuse to play or visit Arizona until the state repeals its egregious immigration law. In effect, if someone is stopped by the police for any reason in Arizona, they must prove that they are citizens of the United States. In principle it appears reasonable, but in reality it is racial profiling at its worst.

The federal government determines immigration policy, not individual states. And it is the job of the federal government to enforce it. Selective implementation of immigration laws by local law enforcement can only lead to abuse. Racial profiling has to rear its ugly head. White people will not have to prove that they are citizens. Only people of colour will have to suffer the indignity of proving their legality. If they cannot, they must be detained by the local police for federal authorities.

Worst case scenarios are obvious as we all have read and seen examples of racist cops in books and film. But let’s take a best case scenario. An Hispanic woman, a citizen of the United States, is stopped for a minor traffic violation. She has left her license in another purse. Instead of merely receiving a ticket for driving without a license, she will be subjugated to the humiliation of being detained or arrested if according to the statute “reasonable suspicion exits that the person is an alien who is unlawfully present in the United States”. In other words, her skin colour as she is “undocumented”. A white woman would only have received a citation.

The federal government must amend our current immigration policy to make it fair and unbiased. And then they must allocate the resources to enforce it. But in the meantime we cannot have individual states requiring local police to have citizens to “show me your papers”. The Arizona state law turns federal law into one of bigotry and racism. Although it is true that Arizona bares more of the brunt of undocumented people than most states, it does not give the state the right to selectively abuse people.


It is not for naught that this is happening in Arizona. One of the last states to approve Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, it is another desperate gasp on the part of white people who cannot accept that soon they will not be in the majority. Senator John McCain voted against the creation of the holiday until he was forced to change his position. This is also the state where in the film Borat, citizens sang along to the song “Throw the Jew Down the Well.” We are a nation of colour and the laws must be fair and equitable to all. We are also a nation of immigrants and now most of our immigrants are non-white. Laws like this one are subtly but insidiously fascist and racist.

Arizona is one of my favorite states, from the Painted Desert to the Red Rocks. I have visited it frequently as I love the diversity of the terrain and its varied climate. It is a regular stop when we visit our wolf at the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in New Mexico. Now we will no longer contribute to Arizona’s local economy. The last boycott of Arizona took place in 1990 when the state refused to acknowledge Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Even the National Football League participated in the boycott by moving the Super Bowl out of Arizona until the state honoured the holiday. Today many local United States cities, citizens, and organizations have joined in the boycott of Arizona. (It is worth noting that the Tea Party opposes the boycott and supports the Arizona law.) Please go to the website and sign the petition. The struggle for our civil rights has been too arduous to allow one state to begin to move us back into another century. To even allow for the potential of the rights of any minority to be violated is untenable. Boycott Arizona!

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