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Earth (Fish) Day

In honour of Earth Day here are links for free downloadable pocket guides for sustainable seafood. As the oceans become depleted through over-fishing, pollution and fish farming practices that are harmful to other fish populations, it is helpful to know which fish to order in restaurants, your local market or at the sushi bar. From the Monterey Bay Aquarium you can download a pocket guide for your particular area of the US. From the WWF there are links for various parts of the world in the native languages.
As an avid scuba diver, I have witnessed the dramatic deterioration to the health, abundance and the environment of the fish population over the past 25 years. In some parts of the world pollution and garbage have turned the waters into toilets. Living coral reefs are dying. Some fish farming techniques require twice as many fish from the sea to feed the an equivalent farmed fish. These guides will help ensure that you are consuming fish that are in abundance, farmed properly and healthy.

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