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Howard Zinn

Cypress Hill

Thankfully Cypress Hill and Tom Morello have not been deluded.  They know that we live in a  right wing country.  George Bush and his cronies did not lose.  They merely took a vacation.  While bankrupting the country thru greed and wars (and in the course enriching themselves), they fooled us into believing that there was a glimmer of hope for equality and change.  But they merely took a break to shift the blame back to the left.  Their ability to establish misinformation as truth is uncanny.  The only way to effect real change in this country is in the streets.  As we learned from the Howard Zinn in The People’s History of the United States, whether it was the labor movement, civil rights, the Vietnam war, gay rights or women’s equality, real change happens when people take control of the institutions which begins when people rise up.


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Cypress Hill – Rise Up (featuring Tom Morello)

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