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Pantha du Prince

Pantha Du Prince

On the very first podcast here I included the song “Stick to My Side” by Pantha Du Prince (a German DJ and producer). It has been hypnotically remixed by EFDEMIN (a fellow German DJ). I love how he layers in the sounds and transforms the song into such a embracing groove that you almost don’t want it to end. Some rhythm to enhance your day as the Song of the Day.

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“Stick to My Side” by Pantha Du Prince

Oedipus Podcast #1: Best of 2010 (so far)

This is the 1st podcast on my new website.  Featuring some of the best music from 2010 (OK, some of these songs were released last year but are beginning to garner attention this year), here you will hear:

Elizabeth Fraser
Charlotte Gainsbourg
Green Day and the cast of American Idiot
Monsters of Folk
One Eskim0
Vampire Weekend
Lilly Allen
Gil Scott-Heron
Pantha du Prince
Wild Beasts
Greta and the One Night Stands


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This is only the beginning.  Stay tuned…


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