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The Black Angels

The Black Angels out of Austin have the distinction of not only being a searing psychedelic rock band but also of having briefly backed up the legendary Roky Erickson when he performed a few select dates in 2008. Now their third album, Phosphene Dream, has just been released on Blue Horizons (a label recently reestablished by three notable record executives: Seymour Stein, Richard Gottehrer and Mike Vernon). Hear the contemporary garage sounds of the Black Angels on “Telephone”, the Song of the Day.

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“Telephone” by The Black Angels

The Plastiscines

France has produced very few rock bands. Known for chanteurs/chanteuses and dance music, few rock bands of note have emerged from the country. The 4/4 backbeat is not part of the French musical heritage and the language has limited its broader acceptance. My favorites from the past include Téléphone and Indochine and currently Phoenix and the Plastiscines. The latter is an French all-female rock band that sings primarily in English. “Barcelona” is from their 2nd album, About Love, that was released last year in Europe and is now being wildly distributed in the U.S. (The video of the song can be viewed from the YouTube button in the upper right.)


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