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The Chemical Brothers

Blood Orange

Devonté Hynes is one of those rare talents who composes, writes, sings, produces and plays a variety of instruments.

This Englishman has written songs for artists from Florence and the Machine to The Chemical Brothers.

He records under the name Blood Orange.

“Chamakay“ can be found on his latest album Cupid Deluxe.



Coachella, the annual weekend music and arts festival (and rite of passage), has begun in Indio, CA.

In celebration, Spin Magazine is offering a free download of 10 must-hear artists that will be performing.

These include !!!, Big Audio Dynamite, The London Suede, PJ Harvey, Wire, Glasser, The Chemical Brothers, Cut Copy, Lightning Bolt and Erykah Badu. Most are familiar names on this website.

This compilation, known as Whoachella, is yours for free here from Spin in exchange for your email address.

And listen below to a reunited Big Audio Dynamite!

[jwplayer mediaid=”3855″]
E=MC2 by Big Audio Dynamite

The Chemical Brothers (Part 2)

A couple of days ago we featured “Swoon”, the new song by The Chemical Brothers. We were forced to remove it as it was accidentally released by the record label, unbeknownst to the band. (I know this sounds a bit lame, but these things do happen from time to time in the record business. Shall we say a communication breakdown?) This song is from the forthcoming 8 song album Further, and each song will have a corresponding film. “Swoon” has now officially been released and we present it here with the film.

The Chemical Brothers

Hopefully you heard the new Chems song yesterday. We have removed it as it was accidentally released too soon. In all of the excitement of a new song from a legendary band, it happens sometimes. This site is first and foremost artist friendly. We work with artists, never against them. When the Chemical Brothers is once again officially available you will hear it here.

The Chemical Brothers, the duo of Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons, pioneers of electronic alternative dance music, will soon release their 7th studio album, Further. All 8 tracks will be released with a corresponding film created for each song. But we will have to wait until June. What we do have is “Swoon” from the forthcoming album as the Song of the Day.

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