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The New Pornographers

Neko Case

The chanteuse, Neko Case, known both for her solo projects and her work with The New Pornographers, has teamed up with guitarist M. Ward (a la She & Him) for her unorthodox song called “Man”.

“Man” will be included on her forthcoming album, the wonderfully titled The Worse Things Get, the Harder I Fight, the Harder I Fight, the More I Love You.

A.C. Newman

A.C. Newman, the founding member and leader of The New Pornographers, will release is his 3rd solo album next week.

He utilizes the wonderful vocal talents of Neko Case, another member of The New Pornographers, on much of Shut Down the Streets.

“Encyclopedia of Classic Takedowns” is a free download.


Dan Bejar is best known for his work with The New Pornographers, but he has released far more material with the band Destroyer.

Some consider Destroyer to his solo project, but Bejar insists that in spite of the revolving lineup, Destroyer is a band.

For those unfamiliar with Destroyer, the music does not sound like the name, which only makes Bejar that much more intriguing.

Kaputt is the ninth album by Destroyer and the poignant title track is the Song of the Day.

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“Kaputt” by Destroyer

Oedipus Podcast #3: More New in 2010 (almost new)

The Big Pink-“Dominos”
Neon Trees-“Animal”
Animal Collective-“My Girls”
Holly Miranda-“Forest Green Oh Forest Green”
Flobots-“White Flag Warrior”
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club-“Beat the Devil’s Tattoo”
Local Natives-“”Wide Eyes”
The New Pornographers-“Your Hands (Together)”
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros-“Home”
The Dead Letters-“Ghost of a Thousand Battles”


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Napster, LLC

Oedipus Podcast #2: Canadian Olympian Music

We had some friends over the other night who wanted to watch the opening ceremony of the winter Olympics. Hopefully you didn’t waste precious moments of your life viewing this sorry excuse for a spectacle. It was like a bad high school production with a large budget. Ok, let me say it straight. It sucked! Sorry to my friends North. And as the commentators fell all over themselves telling us how wonderful it was, I could not help thinking that it certainly was not the Canada that I know and love. Musically it did give proper deference to Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen, but the rest were American Idol wannabes. Where was Neil Young or even Rush for that matter, the latter at least having a prominent cameo in the popular film I Love You Man. Here are few other artists that I think of when I think of Canada.

Oedipus Podcast #2 by Oedipus


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Tegan and Sara
The New Pornographers
Ron Sexsmith
Tara MacLean
Arcade Fire
Skinny Puppy
Sum 41

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