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Christmas Eve

Christmas/U.S. Girls

My favorite Christmas song this year is by U.S. Girls, the pseudonym for the Toronto-based American Meghan Remy.

“Santa Stay Home” perfectly reflects this year’s holiday.

BTW, tonight I continue with my annual show, Christmas Eve with Oedipus, 6 hours of non-traditional holiday music heard only once a year and centered on peace, love and understanding. Hear it on WGBH, 89.7 in Boston or

6 pm-Midnight

“Santa Stay Home”


It’s coming upon Christmas and once again I will be broadcasting live for Christmas Eve with Oedipus.

This year I have been honored with a proclamation from the Mayor of Boston.

One song that you will be hearing on the Eve is by Saintseneca. This gorgeous song was released late last year just before Christmas and we feature it now.

The Wandering Star

Christmas Eve

My Christmas Eve Broadcast is tonight on WGBH, 89.7 FM in Boston and worldwide.

This is your alternative Christmas, music rarely or ever heard save once a year. (6 pm-Midnight)

Not exactly a Christmas song but it should be. From Human Sexual Response “Land of the Glass Pinecones”

Merry Christmas

Christmas 2011-Bono

I have broadcast live every Christmas Eve for over three decades.

The tradition continues tomorrow on WFNX in Boston (101.7) and from 6:00pm-Midnight.

Here is a rare gem that I play every year.

Bono reads a poem by Irishman John F. Dean with U2 music in the background.

“Driving to Midnight Mass (On a Dublin Christmas Eve)”
[jwplayer mediaid=”5746″]

New Christmas Music

Among many musics, I also collect Christmas songs. For years I have hosted a live annual Christmas Eve show on the radio in Boston, commercial-free, and this year is no exception. This Christmas Eve, from 6:00 pm—Midnight, I will once again be on-the-air on WFNX (101.7 FM) and

Every year I listen to hundreds of new Christmas songs and new cover versions of Christmas classics searching for a few gems. Most of these songs are derivative, dumb, downright dreadful or combination of all three. But there are always a few that rise above the drivel and should be heard.

This year I was presently surprised that Target has put together a Christmas compilation of new songs called The Christmas Gig and is giving it away for free on their website.

Listen now to “Got Something for You” performed by Best Coast and Wavves, two artists that we have featured individually here in the past and “Get Down for the Holidays” by Jenny O., a singer/songwriter from LA.

[jwplayer mediaid=”4467″]

“Got Something For You” by Best Coast and the Wavves

[jwplayer mediaid=”5262″]
“Get Down for the Holidays” by Jenny O.

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