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Christmas 2011-Bono

I have broadcast live every Christmas Eve for over three decades.

The tradition continues tomorrow on WFNX in Boston (101.7) and from 6:00pm-Midnight.

Here is a rare gem that I play every year.

Bono reads a poem by Irishman John F. Dean with U2 music in the background.

“Driving to Midnight Mass (On a Dublin Christmas Eve)”
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The World Cup (U2)

The World Cup is the greatest sporting event in the world. Soccer is a game that many Americans have yet to embrace, but if you have ever lived outside of our shores, you know that this sport, known as “football”, dominates. It’s a sport where all you need is a ball a bit of space. Less violent than most sport, just about anybody can play it. And you don’t have to be a physical mutant to play it well. American resistance is in part due to the pace of the game. But if you allow yourself to flow with the game, you will appreciate its subtleties, stamina and exhilaration. Too say that it is boring is to miss its essence. Soccer was not invented here and the 45 minute halves do not allow for commercial interruption, but so much the better as this sport can unite the world, if only for a month. Bono and U2 have never said it better, and this brief video is one of the best things that they have ever done. Enjoy!


A friend recently sent me an old copy of the Boston Phoenix, a weekly in this town, from December 16, 1980. It’s the issue with the cover story “The Dream is Over”, which gives in-depth reporting and commentary on the assassination of John Lennon that took place on the 8th of that month. In that edition it chronicles that fateful night when I was on-the-air and had to make the announcement. (I will feature it in a future post.) While browsing through this now yellowed paper, I came upon an advertisement for a small club where a band called Barooga was playing and the band opening was an unknown U2. (My former radio station is credited with first playing and championing U2.) What struck me as ironic is that out of the tragedy of John Lennon’s death, a small band was just beginning to make itself heard that would someday give us hope. U2360° at the Rose Bowl is being released today on DVD and Blu-ray. From that DVD, “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” is the Song of the Day.

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“I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” by U2

Angelique Kidjo (featuring Bono & John Legend)

Angelique Kidjo is one of Africa’s greatest musical exports. As her website states: “With joy and passion Angelique embodies the spirit of Africa. Through her music, life and exuberant commitment to advocacy she exemplifies unity, peace and diversity”. On her new album, Oyo, she covers Curtis Mayfield’s 1970 hit “Move On Up”. It has been remixed by Radioclit and features Bono and John Legend. Besides being a great dance song, what is fascinating about this version is trying to decipher Bono’s vocals as they have been altered considerably. Perhaps you can pick out his phrasing. For all world music, U2 and Bono aficionados, this is the Song of the Day.

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“Move On Up” by Angelique Kidjo

From the Archives: Peace Together

Of late I’ve been combing through my 20,000+ CDs, filing and re-filing and weeding and searching and re-discovering what lies hidden in this treasure trove. I happened upon a disc entitled Peace Together, a benefit album for the youth of Northern Ireland that was released in 1993. Chances are you may never have heard of this disc. I didn’t remember it. But it features bands from Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales. Listen here to U2 with Lou Reed, Blur covering Elvis Costello and a beautiful version of the obscure song “Be Still”, by Peace Together, an illustrious combination of British and Irish musicians including Peter Gabriel, Sinead O’Connor, Feargal Sharkey, Jah Wobble, mixed by Robin Guthrie and featuring Elizabeth Fraser of Cocteau Twins. Peace!

U2 featuring Lou Reed-“Satellite of Love”
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Blur-“Oliver’s Army”
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Peace Together-“Be Still” (Robin Guthrie remix featuring Elizabeth Fraser)
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