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Elvis Costello

Elvis Costello and The Roots

Elvis Costello is one of the most prolific artists in music, crossing genres and exploring diverse sounds, all featuring his distinctive tenor.

I’ve had some legendary encounters with Elvis ever since his debut My Aim is True and his first tour of the US in 1977.

Multiple albums and collaborations later, he has now recorded a record with The Roots due in September.

“Walk Us Uptown” is from the forthcoming Wise Up Ghost.






[Nick Lowe, Martin Rev (Suicide), Elvis, Oedipus, Alan Vega (Suicide)]

Oedipus Podcast #10: Christmas

Join me Friday for my annual Christmas Eve broadcast from 6 pm-Midnight EST on WFNX, 101.7 FM in Boston, 92.1 FM in New Hampshire and

A commercial free radio holiday extravaganza featuring Christmas music from around the world, new & old, drawn from many genres and heard virtually nowhere else. The soundtrack for your Christmas.

Here is a taste:

Badly Drawn Boy-“Donna and Blitzen”
Captain Sensible-“One Christmas Catalogue”
DJ BC-“You Shook Me All Noel”
The Idea-“It’s About that Time”
Low-“Just Like Christmas”
Suicide-“Hey Lord”
Ron Sexsmith-“Maybe This Christmas”
O Positive-“Ho Ho Ho”
Rufus Wainwright-“Spotlight on Christmas”
Wednesday Week-“Christmas Here (Could Never Be Like That)”
Brett Dennen-“The Holidays Are Here (and We Are Still at War)”
Elvis Costello-“Peace, Love and Understanding”

[jwplayer mediaid=”4355″]

Lucinda Williams and Elvis Costello

In anticipation of Season 3 of the HBO’s True Blood, we have an advance of the soundtrack. A number of the songs will be featured here in the days ahead, and we’ll begin with a collaboration between two formidable singer/songwriters, Lucinda Williams and Elvis Costello, whose voices blend so well together. They have guested on each other’s albums in the past, and today we feature “Kiss Like Your Kiss” from True Blood as the Song of the Day, plus “Jailhouse Tears” from Lucinda’s Little Honey and “There’s a Story in Your Voice” from Elvis’ The Delivery Man.

Lucinda Williams and Elvis Costello

[jwplayer mediaid=”4246″]

“Kiss Like Your Kiss”
“Jailhouse Tears”
“There’s a Story in Your Voice”

From the Archives: Peace Together

Of late I’ve been combing through my 20,000+ CDs, filing and re-filing and weeding and searching and re-discovering what lies hidden in this treasure trove. I happened upon a disc entitled Peace Together, a benefit album for the youth of Northern Ireland that was released in 1993. Chances are you may never have heard of this disc. I didn’t remember it. But it features bands from Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales. Listen here to U2 with Lou Reed, Blur covering Elvis Costello and a beautiful version of the obscure song “Be Still”, by Peace Together, an illustrious combination of British and Irish musicians including Peter Gabriel, Sinead O’Connor, Feargal Sharkey, Jah Wobble, mixed by Robin Guthrie and featuring Elizabeth Fraser of Cocteau Twins. Peace!

U2 featuring Lou Reed-“Satellite of Love”
[jwplayer mediaid=”4203″]

Blur-“Oliver’s Army”
[jwplayer mediaid=”6475″]

Peace Together-“Be Still” (Robin Guthrie remix featuring Elizabeth Fraser)
[jwplayer mediaid=”6476″]

Nick and Elvis and Tracy and Oedi

For anyone who heard Oedipus with the Clash, they weren’t all that fond of a certain Declan MacManus.  In the spirit of fair play, an interview with Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe, Oedipus, and ‘BCN DJ Tracy Roach from 1978.

Note: this interview isn’t actually available here on this page.  But you’ll soon be able to hear it on Oedipus’ mobile app, or you can view the interview here on The Oedipus Project’s YouTube channel.  We’re spanning all platforms, media, and genres in order to share great music from people you know and people you’ll want to know.

To give you a little something, and remain slightly topical, here’s an Elvis Costello track that seems appropriate…


[jwplayer mediaid=”4083″]


Radio, Radio by  Elvis Costello and the Attractions (1978)

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