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Mark Pritchard (featuring Thom Yorke)

British/Australian electronic producer Mark Pritchard asked Radiohead’s Thom Yorke to sing on his forthcoming album Under the Sun.

In the song “Beautiful People” Pritchard distorts and enhances Yorke’s vocals to create a gorgeous lament.

“Beautiful People”

Peter Gabriel and Arcade Fire

In 2010 Peter Gabriel recorded an album entitled Scratch My Back.

It consisted of gorgeous cover versions of songs by artists that he admires, including Lou Reed, Bon Iver, Regina Spektor, Radiohead, David Bowie, Talking Heads and Arcade Fire.

Many of these same artists have returned the favor by recording his songs on the album And I’ll Scratch Yours.

Listen here to Peter Gabriel’s version of Arcades Fires’ “My Body is a Cage” and then Arcades Fire performing Gabriel’s “Games Without Frontiers”.

“My Body is a Cage”

“Games Without Frontiers”

Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer hasn’t recorded a proper solo album since 2008.

She’s been busy touring and recording live and occupying herself with side projects like Evelyn Evelyn, ukulele covers of Radiohead songs, theatre acting and the occasional tour with the Dresden Dolls.

Amanda Palmer & the Grand Theft Orchestra is due in September.

Via Kickstarter she has impressively raised over $800,000 to date to finance the album.

“Do It With a Rockstar” is the first song from the album and a free download.


Last year we showcased the video of “Staircase”, a new song by Radiohead.

This song was included as part of a live performance of their most recent album known as The King of Limbs-From the Basement (available on DVD).

“Staircase” in a slightly edited form is now the new single from Radiohead. Just another great song from the greatest band on the planet.

Radiohead Remixed

Radiohead has remixed their superb The King of Limbs album.

It’s entitled TKOL RMX1234567 and features remixes by various producers of the 8 songs from The King of Limbs. 19 remixes in all. Obviously some songs are remixed multiple times.

Here are two remixes of “Lotus Flower”. Almost like new songs. (The original here.)

Lotus Flower (Jacques Greene RMX)
[jwplayer mediaid=”5375″]

Lotus Flower (SBTRKT RMX)
[jwplayer mediaid=”5376″]


From the Basement is an artist-friendly video music series of live performances without a host or an audience.

It was created by Nigel Godrich, best known for his production work with Radiohead.

“Staircase” is a new song from the band with the help of an additional drummer, Clive Deamer, who has worked with the likes of Portishead, Jeff Beck, Siouxsie Sioux, Hawkwind, Robert Plant and his own jazz/rock band Get the Blessing.

The entire Radiohead performance will air on July 1st


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Dum Dum Girls
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The Decemberists
Bat For Lashes
The Cars
Duran Duran
Gang of Four
The Joy Formidable
TV on the Radio
Manchester Orchestra

Live Broadcasts and On Demand

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Fleet Foxes
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Cut Copy
Crystal Castles
British Sea Power
Bright Eyes
Beady Eye
The Decemberists
The Airborne Toxic Event
Cold Cave
Dum Dum Girls


Radiohead released their new album, The King of Limbs, suddenly on Friday. Their first since 2007’s In Rainbows.

It is available for download via their website.

The first single “Lotus Flower” is stunning, a song of layered beauty.

Love the video as well.

Lotus Flower – Radiohead

(We would have embedded it, but they have disabled embedding)

“Lotus Flower”
[jwplayer mediaid=”5394″]

Choral Creep

Scala is a Belgian girls’ choir formed by the classical-trained Kolacny Brothers with Stijn conducting and Steven on piano. They have gained international recognition by reworking covers of well-known rock songs by the likes of U2, Nirvana, Metallica, Depeche Mode, the Cure to name a few as well as with their own compositions. Their hauntingly beautiful cover of “Creep” by Radiohead is being used in the trailer of the film The Social Network and is the Song of the Day.

[jwplayer mediaid=”12125″]

Atoms for Peace

Thom Yorke, lead singer of Radiohead, is on tour now performing his solo material with a supergroup of sorts called Atoms for Peace. Besides Thom (lead vocalist, guitarist, pianist), the band consists of Flea on bass from Red Hot Chili Peppers, Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich on keyboards, Joey Waronker the drummer for Beck, and Mauro Refosco, a Brazilian percussionist whose group, Forro in the Dark, has worked with David Byrne and Steve Earle. From his debut solo album Eraser, the song that names the band, “Atoms for Peace”, is featured here twice: the original album version and a wonderful remix. Continue reading

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